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Sunday, April 20, 2014


HAPPY SUNDAY everyone!! How was your Sunday? Enjoy your day with your family/boyfriend/girlfriend/friends? I had my great Sunday but then got little bit sad but I doesn't wanna write about it! What is my great Sunday? My daddy dropped me at my bf's house and he went to his workshop find his friends. Well, today I am so so good! I bought breakfast for my man and his parents too. After that, my man and I became good back after the something sad about it! I really love you, laogong!!

And then, I helped my man cleaning his room and packed those rubbish into plastic bags. After that, took our lunch together with his parents, brother and sis-in-law too. After eating, I washed those plates and went up to his room and continue cleaning. After that, I changed his bed sheet and pillow sheets too. After done everything, I took my bath and rest myself already. After 1 hour plus, we took our nap together and suddenly the clock rang. It is 2.30pm and my man said wanna go out and find those "asam" that he wanna buy for his Malay friends I guess and I also not sure about it. 

After that, I told him that I wanna go and try 70's Ice!!!! He said okay about it!!! Thank you so much, laogong for listening to me. And then, we headed to Armenian Street for it! We parked at somewhere nearby CF food court and it costs RM 4! Super duper expensive but then never mind. Later don't know park at somewhere roadside and get summon then more worse! After that, we walked to Armenian Street and finally we found it already!!!! I just bought Lychee flavour and shared with my man together! I took some pictures too and after eating, we walked back to the carpark already. 

Welcome to 70's Ice 
There are 6 flavours you may choose 
You can choose from here 

For more information
Address : 78, Lebuh Armenian, 
10200 Georgetown, Malaysia
Business Hours :
Tue - Thu: 10:45 am - 6:00 pm
Sat: 10:45 am - 11:00 pm
Sun: 10:45 am - 6:00 pm



After that, we headed to Queensbay Mall for his "asam". He dropped me there and while he is waiting for me in the car. I bought few "asam" and after that I went to Topshop for exchange my old card! Woohooo!!! We went back to his house already. Around 6.30pm, we went out with his dad for dinner! We had our dinner at a seafood restaurant which is at Macallum Street. I had great dinner with my man and his dad. Thank you laogong for your treat! CRABS are my favourite!!!!


Saturday, April 19, 2014


HAPPY SATURDAY everyone! How was your Saturday? My Saturday is real great! I woke up and had breakfast as usual with my daddy. After that, went back home and while on the way, suddenly received my man's call and asked me to go out with him. So, he came and fetched me once I reached home no longer only. We went around Bayan Baru area and he wants to see Honda cars. He used his phone to check it out but then don't have and end up went to Toyota showroom. He checked out the Toyota Vios (new version). LOL!

After that, we went to Moo Cow which is opposite 1 World condominium. I had my earlier yogurt which is original flavour with chocolate syrup is my topping! Anyway, my man is working and yet he wants me to accompany him!!!!  DAMN CELAKA RIGHT?? LOL!!!! After that, we went to Pantai Hospital and took his things from Operation Room. Sigh!!! When I am thinking of it, I am thinking of my mum! Well, I know that I have to go on my life already.

These are the menu you can order

These are the pictures. I took it from my phone :) 

GOOD NEWS for you guys too! 
If you bought yogurt from Moo Cow, 
you can get rewards from Chopink. 

First step : Download Chopink into your smartphone
Second step : Sign in with your facebook 
Third step : Click on Chopink and scan the code 
with the receipt of yours 
Fourth step : You're done! 

Once again, if u make purchase it, do it everytime :) 
Facebook Link To Chopink
Website Link To Chopink

After taking his things from there, we headed back to his house. I took my lunch which bought by my daddy just morning. We had our great time together and we went out already because he doesn't wanna stay at home. So, we went out again! This time he finished working by himself and someone pissed him off too! LOL! Well, we went to Toys Cafe together!! So super happy!!! I ordered Pandan Layer Cake and Hot Mocha and we shared each other.

Welcome To Toys Cafe   

I love this so much! 
It was so awesome interior design :)

Pandan Layer Cake

Hot Mocha


For more information
Address : 91, Lebuh Acheh,
 10200 Georgetown, Penang
Business Hours : 
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Phone : 012-424 6426
Email : toyscafe.pg@gmail.co

After eating, we went to Gurney for movie! We didn't watch movie for so long time already. Finally, we arrived Gurney at 5pm and we're so lucky that we parked at 5th floor yea :) After that, we went to line up for it. My man redeem his credit card points so we no need to pay anything for the movie!! We chose Rio 2 at 7.10pm one. So, we still got 1 hour plus for shopping! We went around and I saw my god sister already!! So happy to meet her already!! Her name is Claris!! Aww, she is so pretty and tall as well too! XD

After that, we went to look around our rings! I am so so in love with Diamond & Platinum ring already!!! Well, good news is I am gonna marry soon!!! After that, we went to Chopper Board for our dinner before the movie started. We ate together happily and we went to cinema level already. We line up for mineral water and the service was super sucks!!! Some people really selfish!! Made a stupid complaint while others are waiting to order!!! After that, my man and I bought the mineral water and straight went into the cinema already. Luckily, the movie haven't started yet. Well, I can give the rate for RIO 2 is 10/10! It is a very awesome movie!!! The movie finished at 9pm and we went to pay the parking ticket already. It costs us RM 4. My man dropped me back home.