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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


On 15th November 2014, I followed my boyfriend go Ipoh for work because he wants me to accompany him. He promised me for delicious foods before operation on 17th November 2014. We woke up at 7am and that time we was not hungry, so we headed to Seberang Perai petrol station to buy some snacks and drinks before starting our journey to Ipoh. We were so lovely and I hugged him while he is driving and we talking for the whole journey so that he won't feels sleepy. 

You know Perak area always raining? It rains heavily until we can't see the roads but then my laogong managed to drive until we finally reached Ipoh. We went to KPJ Ipoh Hospital for his work. We managed to arrive there at 8.30am and my laogong started his work at 9am until 10am. Within the 1 hour, I was at cafeteria and what I do? I slept on the table by myself. I know you guys sure think that wow? So incredible of me right? HAHAHAHAHA!! 

At 10am, my laogong came and find me. We went to Plan B for breakfast+lunch! We ordered and took some pictures. Finally, the foods and drinks are served to us. One more thing, my laogong bought 2 pieces of dessert too. After we ate, we took away the desserts as we were so full. After that, we went to Ipoh City Hotel to stay at here for one night. We managed to get a room which is number 1406! That time we were so hot and we took turn to take our bath and take a rest too. My laogong took his rest while I am surfing the net. 

You can choose either COFFEE OR TEA
I chose TEA  
the flavor is PEPPERMINT with ORANGE JUICE

The cake packaging 
(SORRY, I didn't take picture of the cake) 
We chose 

At 7pm, we went out for dinner. My laogong brought me go a coffee shop. This time my laogong said the foods are so disappoint him as it was not nice at all! But seriously?? It was not nice at all. We spent around RM 70 as we ordered crabs that's why! The crabs ingredients they don't know how to cook! It is super duper salty and sour at the same time!! After that, we took away the crabs and we went back to the hotel. My laogong washed the crabs and we ate while watching some drama channel. What I can tell is I CAN'T EVEN EAT THE CRABS AFTER THAT! My laogong ate all for me. I am very sorry, laogong! I COOK MORE BETTER THAN THEM! :D

After that, I brushed my teeth (twice) as the crabs ingredients super duper smelly!! LOL!! This is the worst ever foods and I don't think Ipoh foods (coffee shops) suitable for me! After that, I took my bath again and changed into pajamas already. After that, I fall asleep already after woke up on the next day (16/11/2014). 

You can choose either COFFEE OR TEA 
I chose TEA again 
This time I chose IRISH APPLE with ORANGE JUICE 

On 16th November 2014, we woke up at 7am again and we took our bath and changed into new clothes. We went down and put our bags into his car. The restaurant was beside the hotel. Our breakfast are free. After that, we ate the Plan B desserts as well too. After that, we went to KPJ Ipoh Hospital to take the instruments (medical) back and we headed to where again? We headed to Plan B for lunch! Wooohoooo!! After that, my laogong and I said that we should come Plan B for dinner last night and we no need to waste RM 70 for super duper NOT DELICIOUS FOODS!!! After eating, we walked around the place and we went to Ipoh Parade for shopping before we going back to Penang. 

After shopping, we went back to Penang. While on the way to Penang, my laogong stopped at Sungai Perak station and I went down to buy some fruits which are "jambu" in green and red colour. After that, we reached Penang around 7pm as we drove carefully and it rains heavily again too. 

For more information 

Address : No. 75, Jalan Panglima, 
30000 Ipoh, Perak 
Contact : 05-249 8286
Business Hours 
Mon-Thu : 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri-Sat : 9:00 am - 12:00 am
Sun : 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

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