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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, I did went for work on 22nd November 2014 with my beloved hubby. What have you guys been up to on the date? On 21st November 2014, I went to his house to overnight at there as we gotta wake up at 7am and if I stay at my house, it gonna make my daddy wake up as I need to bathe hot water. So, I decided to go his house for overnight. 

The next day (22nd November 2014), we woke up at 7am. We took turn to take bath and then we went to Pantai hospital to make payment (balance) for my one day stay in hospital about the operation. After that, we went to Island Glades and ate our breakfast together. After breakfast, we straight went to G Hotel for work. My beloved hubby introduced me to his colleagues. They're very nice and friendly person too. 

What I do there actually? I became a model at there for the medical conference. What is it about? I just lie down on the bed and then let those doctors scan my kidney by using the machine whether they want to buy the product from them or not. That's all and of course I got payment too! :D

My beloved hubby and me!
I love you, laogong

This is the machine that my hubby's colleagues selling it :) 

This is the place I am working  
Lie down and let doctors to scan my kidney using the machine  

The Whole Hall

Another Side Part 

They booked the whole hall which is Salon II and III and everything was finished at 4pm. So, at 4pm, I went to Gurney to find my god brother Wen Jun at HSBC booth. I treated him and his colleague and myself for ICE-CREAM! After that, we chit-chat until my beloved hubby came and find me. 

After that, we went out from there and we headed to Straits Quay for dinner with his colleagues. They chose Healy Mac. We had our dinner and chit-chat until 10pm. I was super tired but happy! What a great "modelling" day for medical conference :D

Welcome to Healy Mac's Irish Bar & Restaurant 

Blue Lagoon - RM 24 (Mine) 
Apple Mojito - RM 24 (Hubby) 

All Day Irish Breakfast 

After dinner, we went back home at 10pm as I was super tired and blur blur after drinking the blue lagoon. OMG! That time was raining and then it is hardly for me to go back and we straight went to his house for overnight. The next day morning, he dropped me back home.

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