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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, it is December month and last month of 2014. So how was your 2014 to you? My 2014 got good and bad, whatever it is, we gotta move on our life and be happy is the best answer! Choosing sad is not a good idea, why not we be happy before it is too late? :D

Today, I was so happy as last night my baby hubby overnight at my house and we woke up at 9am. After that, I cleaned up my bed and ate some biscuits while watching television. After that, I whatsapp-ed my baby hubby and asked him "what time is he going to Seberang Perai?". He said 1pm. So, I faster go and cook rice, steamed the lady fingers and fishes for us. I ate first and then packed those foods for him into a tupperware.  After that, I took my bath and changed clothes. After that, I am done! Finally, he called me and asked me to go down. So, I went down. 

We headed to Seberang Perai Volkswagen to find somebody about his old car wanted to sell off. After that, we went to Autocity McDonald's for lunch!! He ate the food that I cooked for him and I ate Regular Nugget Set with New Frozen Coca-Cola & ordered Frozen Fanta Grape for him. We ate and chit-chat happily and then suddenly the somebody called him to discuss about his old car with another person. They came over to Mcd and discussed about it. What a great service huh XD

You can choose either Fanta Frozen or Frozen Coca-Cola or both 

After that, I doesn't want to go back Penang Island, so we went to Sunway Carnival Mall. We went there for tea time at Winter Warmers and we ordered drinks only and what a lucky day that I had the member's card and it is also member's day, both drinks are RM 13.90 only! After that, we bought movie tickets = PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR again but this time with my beloved hubby. We bought them at 5.30pm and we got 30 minutes to go, so we went to play a game and finally, the game finished at 5.30pm and we went into the cinema and watched it. After the movie, we went out from the shopping mall and went to somewhere for dinner. After dinner, we went back to Penang Island and reached his house. We went out again for round-round island and ended up we went to Karpal Singh Mcd again for Frozen Coca-Cola but then it is too bad, DON'T HAVE!!! So, I just ordered Iced Chocolate from McCafe only. After that, I asked him to dropped me back home. 

Iced Lavender Latte (Hubby) - RM 11.90
Midnight Kiss (Mine) - RM 11.90

Thank you laogong for everything!
I love you 

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