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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, how you guys gonna celebrate your New Year Eve 2014 which is your last day of 2014? Today is the most important date in my life. Why I say so? It is my 6th years anniversary with my baby hubby!! I am so so excited about it!! 

I woke up at 11.30am and cleaned up my bed. After that, I took "mantou" as my breakfast and lunch too. After that, I washed my clothes and dry them up in the balcony. Then, I took my bath and blogging at home while waiting for the postman to come and waiting for my baby hubby to come and fetch me. At 5pm, my baby hubby called me and asked me to go down. I asked him to wait a while cause I am waiting for the postman to come. He said no need already, so I packed my stuffs and locked everything in the house and went down already. Before going his home, his car and a motorcyclist got some accident. Sigh!! If he listens to me at the first place, this thing not gonna happen. After that, we shouted each other and I was super sad about it. But end up I decide to forgive him and tell him again and again DRIVE CAREFULLY! 

Then, we cooked together and ate happily while watching television too. After eating, I went up to his room and took my bath. I wore sunflowers dress from Arime Boutique and I do some makeup too. I used Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner (black) and Elianto Lip Colour (Red) too. I feel that I still need to do testing on the eyeliner as I am not very good yet. GOOD LUCK TO MYSELF! After that, I told my baby hubby that I am coming down and he asked me to sit on the sofa while closing my eyes. He said "Don't open your eyes!" After that, he surprised me with this!!!! 

Crabs - bought by my baby hubby 
Fishes / Vegetables - from my house 

These are the gifts I gave them to him 
A box of Padini long sleeve shirt ( 2 pieces ) 
A handmade book by myself 
( full of photos and words from 2009 - 2014 )

This is also my first wearing eyeliner and red lipstick too 
Preferably with spec or without spec? XD 

Full photo of myself 
I am wearing Arime's Boutique sunflowers dress :)
Love it so so much 

TA-DAH!! This is the gift he prepared for me!! 
6 roses means 6 years and also I LOVE YOU FOREVER 
Rilakkuma wearing handsome suit 
and Korilakkuma wearing beautiful white gown 

Close up photo for you guys to see :) 

I seriously love this photo so so much!
Thank you to my baby hubby be the photographer!

Selfies of myself with the lovely gift 
I just can't stop taking pictures actually XD


My Baby Hubby and I 
And our 6 roses, Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma 

After taking a lot of pictures, we went up to his room. I took my bath and changed into pajamas and I told him that I want to sleep because I came period already. He also allows me to sleep already. 

Once again, I would like to wish everyone that 

May 2015 brings a lot of happiness
 and laughter to you all :) 
Stay healthy always is the most important! 


  1. happy new year! =D so sweet between you and your hubby! may you all the best in 2015 ya! =D

    30 Days Money Challenge here!!

  2. Henry : happy new year to you too :) aww.. thank you thank you :) you too with your beloved :)