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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Last Friday (19/12/2014) is the greatest date in my life! First of all, I am very very very happy to see all my close friends who celebrate this date with me together. I am very sorry that I couldn't tell what happened due to some problems again. Sigh sigh!! I seriously very very frustrated about it! Anyhow, I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my BFFF Shalini, my good friend Stephanie, my friend, my good friend, my god sister, my doctor Dr. Vicky Poh and her hubby Sean, my friend, my good friend, my god brother, my doctor Dr. Foong, and lastly, my baby hubby's friend + sifu. 

On this date, we went out to Brussels Cafe, Gurney Paragon together and we ate those foods, chit-chat and selfie together happily! HAHAHAHAHA!! I couldn't describe how much I am so so love them and thankful to them for being there for me a lot! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH!!! 

Vegetables Pasta - RM 20.80 

Bacon Strips - RM 20.80
You can choose CRISPY or SOFT 

Ribeye Steak - RM 42.80

Lamb Chop Cranberry - RM 17.80 

Carbonara Spaghetti - RM 23.80

Napolitana Spaghetti - RM 17.80 

This dessert is free for us because we had purchased more
 than RM 180 in a single receipt 
And how to get it? 
You must have WATSONS member card (new) one 
You can choose either this dessert or 
another one (forgotten what's it) 

We had started to date when I was 17 years old until now, we have been gone through ups and downs for 5 years+ and finally, we are officially H & W ! Guess yourself! I am very very happy and I couldn't describe how happy am I. I really love you, laogong but I really hope that you will protect me from your family, relatives, cousins and those who doesn't like me at all. Can you? I know you guys are reading my blog why I chose him even though his family doesn't like me? I seriously don't know why but I know I love him so so much. My daddy told me that I love the person is him, not his family. Don't care what they talk about you and etc. He also told me that "the sky is very down, god will knows who is good and who is bad" Well, my daddy is right! I do whatever I should do! I just want to say to my baby hubby that thank you so much for everything since I was 17 years old until now. I never forget what you had done for me. I love you, laogong! 

I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to my babe Shalini which she is my 
BFFF (Bestest Funniest Friends Forever) created by us since we're 15 years old! I am very glad that I met her when I am 15 years old. We were in same school and same class at the time but nothing tears us apart from being BFFF! Thank you babe for 8 years and still counting! I love you so much, babe! 

I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to this girl named Stephanie. 
Well, actually, we were in the same primary school when we were Standard 2 only and then I really don't know how we can get contact but I seriously want to say thank you to her mummy for asking me to change driving school and because of her mummy's advice, I did passed my car test! Afterall, we were not that close because she is more smart in studies than me. I seriously don't know how we get closer like she is sort of my good friend and little sister too XD I really hope our friendship lasts forever like me and 
Shalini's friendship! I love you, STEPHANIE!!!!!! 

I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the person who be there on 24/10/2013 for me. She is a doctor which is from GH and her name is Dr. Vicky Poh. She told me a story to make me comfortable and she willing to be friends with me if nobody want to be friends with me. I really cannot believe that a doctor can friends with me because in my mind, I always feel that doctors always show off but she didn't! She is not that type of doctor. She is really good to me and I appreciated what she had told me and everything she had done for me. I am always remember it! Once again, I love you sis and I hope our friendship will lasts forever too! Same goes to Dr. Foong (too bad he is not there for lunch with us) 

Can I say I LOVE YOU BOTH?? LOL!! 
So many selfies with them, so I combined everything!! :) 

For more information

Brussels Beer Cafe 
Contact : 04-226 2052
Location : Gurney Paragon 

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