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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Last Saturday (24/1/2015), I had my great time with my BFFF - Shalini. Finally, she invited me go out after our last meet up on 19/12/2014. I woke up at 8.30am and get ready and my hubby dropped me at her house. She cooked breakfast for me. Thank you so much, babe! And then, she took her bath and get ready. We went out from her house at 10.30am and we took rapid bus go QB. I purposely want to take rapid bus because it was so long that I didn't take rapid bus after 4 years. We waited for the bus and yet finally the bus came. We waited for not even 5 minutes. 

After that, we got into the bus and headed to QB. Finally, we reached. We went to 3rd floor and purchased movie ticket. We gonna watch a Malay horror movie - VILLA NABILA. Anyway, we went to Daiso again. My BFFF same exactly like my HUSBAND. Why? They love Daiso so much. We walked around there and then my babe Shalini didn't buy but she knows what she gonna buy later. After that, we walked into S&M Jewellery and The Black Queen shop. She loves jewelleries and hair accessories and accessories. We had our lunch at Plan B. I ordered EGGS BENEDICT while she ordered EGGS ROYALE. That's what we had our lunch. And then, we walked to Daiso and she bought 4 items from there and I bought 2 items from there. Then, she bought a pair of earrings for her mother from The Black Queen. 

To my Malay friends and bloggers, 
don't watch it because it is not worth it 
But this story makes me want to find the truth whether the VILLA NABILA is haunted house at Janga Bay, Johor Bahru or not XD 

Then, we went up to the cinema. I saw FREE COTTON CANDY and it is from GSC. It was GSC Anniversary Bash. If you purchase 2 pieces of tickets, you manage to get ONE FREE COTTON CANDY. And then, we took pictures of ourselves with the cotton candy. We act like KIDS once a while ya. LOL! Finally, the cinema 4 opens and we went into the cinema. The movie started at 2pm and it finished at 3.30pm. After that, we went to take bus again back to BJ bus station. Finally, we reached BJ station and we walked to Shalini's house. We were so tired. But we haven't take selfies. So, we washed our face and put some makeup and we took some pictures. Thank you to my BABE SHALINI for helping me to take full photo of myself. And then, I asked my hubby to come up her house and they chit-chat until 7.30pm. My hubby fetched me back home. Thank you, laogong! 

Welcome to Plan B, Queensbay Mall

Eggs Benedict - RM 14 

Eggs Royale - RM 16

Selfie of myself with the cotton candy 
Thank you GSC :) 

Babe Shalini also wants to take picture with the cotton candy 
We want to say THANK YOU TO GSC :) 

These are the photos taken by my phone and 
we can pose anything we want :) 
I am so comfortable taking picture with her 

Dress from Shoploooh 


Monday, January 26, 2015


Last Friday (23/1/2015), I got invited to an event at NARS, Gurney Plaza. It was my first time that I have attended this event and met the lovely friend and The Butterfly Project Mamasan Tammy, NARS team Tsi Ying and the makeup artists are Alan and Shirley and all the bloggers too. They're Yi Tin, Kelly, Cloey, Kharn Yee, Rachael, Shelyn and Fione. I am really enjoyed the event so much. 

I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Mamasan - Tammy and NARS team - Tsi Ying (The PR in KL), Alan and Shirley (The Makeup Artists in Penang). I seriously very happy that I got chosen to attend event for my first time. I really hope more opportunities to come too. Thank you for gave me a chance to know about NARS and the products. Thank you for gave me a chance to know more friends are Yi Tin, Cloey and Kelly too. 

I went to Gurney Plaza and reached there at 12pm. I was walking around there until 5pm. Incredible right? HAHAHAHA!! Actually, I am seriously very tired after walking for 6 hours at there alone some more. I had my lunch at Winter Warmers alone while playing some games over there. I didn't shopping at all. Finally, it is 5pm!! I went to NARS, Parkson and met Tammy at there. I was so shy as it is my first time attend the event. I met few friends and they're new friends to me are Yi Tin, Kelly and Cloey. I am really glad to meet you all and hope we can be great friends and share our experiences and interests together. 

Peppermint Hot Tea 
Vegetables Spaghetti 

Before we started the event, PR of NARS is Tsi Ying had explained about NARS and everything. Thank you Tsi Ying for explained hardly to us. Thank you so much for gave me a chance to know about NARS and the products as well. After that, what we do at there? All of us have free makeover before heading for dinner. While each of 2 do their makeover, others do what? Taking pictures and lastly ----- SELFIE of course!! LOL!! It is very normal for now. Finally, it is my turn to do my makeover. I am really glad to meet you Shirley and she really did great makeover for me and I really love it so much too!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Once everybody done, we heading to Gurney Paragon for dinner. I was wondering where is the dinner? We walked to Gurney Paragon at 7pm and we had our dinner at BEN'S, Gurney Paragon. 

Before ordering the foods, there is a surprise in front of us on the table. IT IS OUR SPECIAL GIFT from NARS and the team. After that we ordered our own food and drink while chit-chat together about NARS products. We had the great time until 9pm. Once again, 

No words can describe how thankful 
and happy am I 

Jasmin (The Blogger) and Tammy
 (The Mamasan of The Butterfly Project) 
Miss her and miss her calling my name JasJas XD 

Jasmin (The Blogger) and Tsi Ying (PR of Nars in KL) 
She is very pretty right? 

Shirley (The NARS Makeup Artist) and Jasmin (The Blogger) 
Thank you so much Shirley for the makeover 
and I really love it so much Especially my sexy red lips!! :)

**Too bad I doesn't have selfie between me and Alan** 

The Butterflies

Above - Fione and Shelyn 
Below - Cloey and Jasmin 

Above - Kelly and Rachael 
Below - Yi Tin and Kharn Yee

Nice to meet all of you

Thank you so much to you Tsi Ying for treat me and everybody

More pictures and products review, will be update next month 


Sunday, January 11, 2015


Today is the last day of 2nd week of January and I am gonna share few posts to you guys but this post I will mention about Acupaday Cafe. Finally, I visited it with my beloved hubby last Friday as his mood not really good after Thursday night with his mum. We went there during night time. 

Acupaday Cafe serves breakfast, pasta, salads, coffee and cakes as well. It is located at Bishop Street which is along the way which has Coffee Affairs, Cruises Steak House, Lighthouse Coffee and Traffic Bar and other cafes which I or you might don't know. If you love hanging out with your partner or friends, you can bring them come over here and enjoy the environment and some games for you to play. 

These are the drinks and dessert we ordered in Acupaday Cafe. I found the coffee from my friend's Instagram - Jared Lau and he captured this photo and posted into his Instagram. Finally, I got drink it and it is very nice hot chocolate with little marshmallows. My beloved hubby ordered Non-alcohol Rum Latte and he said he don't really like it. Maybe you might like it! The last we ordered this Tiramisu cake. OMG!!! I never never have been eating such a delicious cake ever!! I am gonna visit this cafe again and order the Tiramisu cake!! SERIOUSLY VERY VERY DELICIOUS!!! 

Welcome to Acupaday Cafe 

Anyone love coffee? 
You can try the coffee and there are a lot of flavors
for you to choose

The Art 
It made by nuts 
Very unique and incredible art :) 

Tiramisu Cake - RM 16.00 
It is super delicious even though the price quite expensive 
Will come and visit again

Hot Chocolate with little marshmallows - RM 10.00
It is very nice and delicious hot chocolate 
Those marshmallows attract me to try it actually LOL 

Non Alcohol Rum Latte - RM 12

Overall, the drink and dessert I ordered are delicious and suitable on my taste! I know the price is kinda expensive but once a while we can go only :) but I will come and visit again as the tiramisu cake attracts me! 

For more information

Acupaday Cafe 
Address : 55, Lebuh Bishop,
10200 Georgetown, Penang
Business Hours 
Mon : 3:00 pm - 12:00 am
Wed - Fri : 3:00 pm - 12:00 am
Sat - Sun : 12:00 pm - 12:00 am


Friday, January 9, 2015


Today I woke up at 6am as my hubby called me and asked me to open the door for him. LOL!! The reason is he wants to avoid his mother due to a lot of reasons. Sigh! I am kinda pitiful for him because he treats his mother so good and yet his mother don't know how to appreciate him at all. For those got your parents treat you very very good, appreciate your parents more than you okay? After that, we slept together and finally, at 9.30am I woke up and I took my bath and get ready everything. 

Then, my daddy and I went for breakfast together and he dropped me at QB. I walked towards Maybank and took out some money and I walked to HSBC again to meet the manager at there. After that, I am done and whatsapp-ed my good friend Stephanie and told her that I am done and once she gonna come out from her house, she will whatsapp-ed me back. After that, I walked around Acewin, Hutz Fashion, Missha, Beezelments, Vintage Concept and Brybell and lastly, I bought a lace long sleeve dress from Hutz Fashion. I really love the dress so much. I feel myself into feminine style!! 

After that, I went to J.CO and ordered J.COOL TWIST (5 toppings) and walked out from QB and waited for Stephanie to come and fetch me. Finally, she reached and we straight headed to The Summer Place Condominium for gym! We do exercise together and Stephanie said she wants to swim, so I didn't bring any swimsuit, but then I still went into the pool with my exercise clothes as the material is same as swimsuit. LOL!! Forgive me :D

After that, we went to the toilet and changed into our clothes. After that, we headed to QB again as Stephanie wants to watch movie. But end up the movie I chose is A Fantastic Ghost Wedding. We reached QB and bought our movie tickets and it is at 5.30pm, so we got 30 minutes to walk around. So, we went to Watsons and I bought 2 bottles of Antabax body wash while Stephanie bought her lip balm at there. I found out that Watsons got new membership and the card is LINE!! Anyone here love LINE?? It is an app for you to chit-chat with your friends and same as WHATSAPP and WECHAT only. Well, it is LIMITED EDITION!! Faster go and sign up and it is only RM 20 and LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP and it will refund you back RM 5 into the card :D

Super duper funny movie! LOL 

After that, we went into the cinema and the movie was super funny and crazy movie. The movie finished at 7.20pm and we went down and bought Davedeli dinner for me and my hubby. Then, Stephanie dropped me back home. I am seriously had great time with her!! :) 



Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Last Monday (5/1/2015), I woke up at 10.30am at my hubby's house. I was overnight with him because my daddy went to Genting Highlands with his friends and I don't dare to stay at home alone. What is the reason? I used to stay at home alone by myself until few uncles come and knocked my house door and said wanna find my daddy. I didn't open the door but I straight away ran into my room and locked the door. LOL!!

After that, I took my bath and changed into new clothes. I accompanied my hubby for work and suddenly I on my phone and saw a message from HSBC manager and asked me to go and take medical letter from her for medical check-up. After my hubby done his things, he accompanied me go to HSBC nearby QB and I went up and take the medical letter from her. After that, my hubby fetched me go to the clinic but then that time was 1.30pm and it is closed for lunch. They will open at 2.30pm. So we went to Coffee Affairs and have a sit at there. I ordered Apple Crumble and Iced Cappucino for myself while my hubby just playing his phone. 

Apple Crumble - RM 11.90 

Iced Cappucino - RM 11.90 

Overall, the cake is not bad and quite suitable for me. I love it so much. The environment is good to relax and can sit down with your friends or your loved ones too. Looking forward for CAFE HUNTING with my hubby or my good friend Stephanie!! :) After that, at 2.30pm, we went out from the cafe and I saw the clinic still not open. So, we decided to walk along and finally, I found Acupaday Cafe!! Gonna visit it this weekends!! Anyway, we walked back to the clinic and my hubby waited for me too. Finally, everything went smooth and good!! Then, my hubby went to do his things back and then he fetched me back to HSBC and passed the letter to the HSBC manager back. After that, we went back home. Well, I am looking forward to work soon. I really hope everything such as work, relationship between me and the manager, relationship between me and the new colleagues will be very very good!! I got more events to attend are The Butterfly Project members are coming down to Penang next week and I really hope it is before 17th January and also my sister's wedding ceremony and dinner too! I can't wait to meet them all as my new friends!! Please say hie to me if you recognize me on the date :) 

For more information

Coffee Affairs
Address : 21, Bishop Street, 
Georgetown, Penang
Contact Number : 04-2614060 

For more information

Wants to be blogger? 
You may have a look on this page 


Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year and Happy 2016! My 2015 has ups and downs, happiness and sadness, good and not very good feeling. I know that everyone' life sure have ups and downs. The only way is we must think positive and be happy always. First of all, I would like to say thank you so much to a lot of people who came into my life and made me so happy that I never been happy for 2 years ago. This year 2016, I never let anyone make me sad and down anymore! Please shoo away from my life, thank you. 


First of all, I would like to say thank you so much to all the sponsors and Public Relations for each company for reading my blog and given me so many opportunities. I am very very appreciate it so so much. I will always read back my memories. At the same time, I met a lot of friends and I am gonna mention myself with who soon. Please do read it below! 


First of all, I would like to say thank you so much to my dear friend named Noor Atiqah for introduced this blogging community called The Butterfly Project. From here, I know a lot of friends. I am very happy to know all of you and those who treat me so good and sincere to me too. I am very appreciate our friendship so much. Also, I want to say thank you so much to The Butterfly Project Mamasan Tammy Lim for accepted me into this community. I love you and all of you so much. Well, it is my first time attending beauty event named NARS in Gurney Plaza on January 2015. I am glad to meet up new friends are Yi Tin, Kelly and Cloey. Nice to meet you all here. Also, I did received my first ever sponsored products by them too. I am very happy when I received them actually. I did reviewed about them but I already hosted a Christmas 2015 giveaway and the lucky winner is very happy with them too. READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT EVENT NARS and NARS SPRING 2015 COLOR COLLECTION


I was invited to this event which is my 2nd event invitation. I got this invitation email from Mr Derek Fong (Bridges PR & Events Sdn Bhd). I met a lot of friends are Cheryl Wennee, Nicole Cheah, Haruki, Esther Zhen, Laureen Quah and others. I got RM 100 cash voucher but then I couldn't buy anything for myself because their size and cutting of the clothes are not suitable for me. So, I decided to buy long sleeve shirt with the cash voucher for my hubby. READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > MARKS AND SPENCER EVENT


My baby blog has collaborate with iPrice Group Malaysia. Thank you for reading my blog and willing to collaborate with my baby blog. iPrice Group is a start-up e-commerce company focusing on helping online shoppers save money while they shop, as well as provide provide product information about different brands.They also selling some brands coupons so that you can get your favourite items with discounts! Check out the website here ----- > iPrice Online Shopping Website . 


I was invited to an event at Eastin Hotel, Penang.  It is about Run For Your Lives and Tripda. I met Sue Mae and Angela and both of them was very friendly to me. After that, I get to meet my friend Yi Tin again. The organizers are Delon, Chuan, Carson from Dusty Monkeys who organize this event "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES" in Botanical Gardens, Penang. I was very excited about it, so I brought my hubby and my best friend Stephanie along to join this competition. Dusty Monkeys collaborate with Tripda, Malaysia. I met Victor from Tripda Malaysia and all of them are so friendly to me. Nice to meet all of you here. I never forget this date ever - 16th May 2015! READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > RUN FOR YOUR LIVES X TRIPDA MALAYSIA EVENT


I have joined The Butterfly Project Selfiegram and I am one of the winners. I got Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Watery Essence and it is suitable for face & body for those who loves to go workout in the morning/afternoon. Remember to apply onto your skin before going out! READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > SUNPLAY SKIN AQUA UV WATERY ESSENCE REVIEW . 

I got sponsored luxury flowers by subscription from BloomThis. I got Ranunculus and Matthiola flowers on this month. I more love the giveaway prize that I won from my dear friend's blog Cindy Tong. Well, BloomThis is about creating moments of happiness. A gorgeously arranged bunch on a table immediately brightens the entire place; the smell of a blossoming flower brightens of our day; a handcrafted bouquet lifts our spirits. Want to purchase your loved ones? You can purchase it from here ----- > BLOOMTHIS WEBSITE . 

Once again, thank you to the organizers especially Chuan for sponsored VIP tickets for me. my hubby and my best friend Stephanie. Also, we got many goodies into 2 bags and also we have super duper special medal too. I love it so much. I never forget the challenges that we faced it together. READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > RUN FOR YOUR LIVES 2015

I got my sponsored products are Sunplay again. I am so so happy after receiving them. I started to use Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Essence until now January 2016. I applied everyday before going out. If I didn't go out, I won't apply. READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > SUNPLAY PRODUCTS REVIEW  and you can check out for more details about these 3 products that I have received it . 


This Cuppateauk is a detox tea from United Kingdom. I am very appreciate that the founder contacted me through email and also sponsored 2 Cuppateauk MorningTime Detox and Cuppateauk Bedtime Cleanse for me. I did tried all of them each day. I did went for big business for 2 times a day and luckily I didn't feel any pain on my stomach. It is too bad that I can't slim down with it. But I love the scent and taste of the tea. This website shipped to worldwide. You just need to go and click it and change the country by yourself.  If you want to purchase it ----- > CUPPATEAUK and remember to key in " jasmin15off " to enjoy the promotion and READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > CUPPATEAUK REVIEW. 

I got this brand sponsored products for Eczema one. I did hosted a giveaway but then nobody joins because it is for mother with a child. But then I did reviewed on my skin but then I can't see any results because I am not Eczema patient. After that, I got to know my ex-collegueas has Eczema. I gave those products for him to recover. I am so happy because I can help him also. READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > ATOPICLAIR™ FIGHTS ECZEMA REVIEW

First of all, I would like to say thank you so much to my dear friend Audrey (Community Team of Seeties) for given me this opportunity and Mr Eng (Director of Grabies) for given me this opportunity to meet Director Jovi Theng. the Hong Kong actor Liu Kai Chi and the actress too. It is too bad that we couldn't meet this Hong Kong actor Liu Kai Chi. Their songs are nice to hear and this movie was so so sad and touching movie ever. My tears did flow come out when I was watching it with my hubby. READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > EXCLUSIVE PRESS CONFERENCE WITH FAMOUS HONG KONG ACTOR LIU KAI CHI 廖启智 + LOVE ENDURES MOVIE . 

On my June 2015, I went down to KL by myself. I feel myself so independent that time cause I never travel go down KL solo. Also, I am very excited to meet my dearest friend Pinku No Sakura as we have chatting on Facebook for sometime already. Finally, we get to meet up already. Once again, I get to meet The Butterfly Project Mamasan Tammy Lim for the 2nd time. I met a lot of friends from this event are Aaron Aw, Sharon Lee, Rebecca Wong, Nicole Yie, Penny Choo, Leonard, Christopher, Arpita, Meena Suba, Kak Ella, Kak Jannah, Aliza Sara, Regina Chan, Syafiera, Sin Yee, Leona, Sherry, and others as well. I have learned a lot of experiences from this event. Thank you so much everybody! READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > BLOGGING 101 WORKSHOP .


First of all, I would like to say thank you so much to Resorts World Genting and Public Relation team are Irene, Ronald, Paul and Wei En for invited me and sponsored the hotel room, reviewed  about all the hotel rooms, reviewed about foods and I met Charmaine Pua, Fish, Miriam, Leona, Marc, Sherry, Ellie, Elana Khong, Tommy Tong. MISSJASJAS's posts ----- > TRAVELLER MISSJASJAS PART 1 and TRAVELLER MISSJASJAS 2

I have collaborate with Ensogo. Ensogo is leading e-Commerce business in the South East Asia and Hong Kong region specializing in flash sales. The HQ in Singapore and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:E88) with current operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. It is also become an app too. You can download from your Apple Store or Android phone to shop in online! Ensogo did sponsored me food review at Who's Bryan, All Seasons Place before too. Thank you. READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > ENSOGO and READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > SPONSORED FOOD REVIEW @ WHO'S BRYAN

First of all, I would like to say thank you so much to my beautiful friend Laureen Quah for the invitation to PAWTRAITS OF LOVE x 6TH CHARITY CONCERT 2015 IN AIDOF MISS AIFAA FURRY SHELTER @ STRAITS QUAY. I got to meet my friend and this new Malay friend named Kak Aifaa. I really enjoyed the songs with the dance so so much. 

Another premier movie screening ----- > PARIS HOLIDAY


I got sponsored products from Esmeria Organics. Thank you so so much to Esmeria PR team for contacted me through email and sponsored me these products. So far, it has been 1 year+ and I love their shower gel so much because it is for sensitive skin like me! I really love it so much. These are my reviews about each products. READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS 

I know I always keep getting BloomThis flowers. I got this flowers when I was in KL time. I couldn't bring back, so I need to give it to my hubby's cousin sister. I love the flowers so so much. READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > BLOOMTHIS REVIEW 3 


I am not sure whether you guys got notice that I love to blog about foods, drinks and desserts? I am FOODBLOGGER and I love foods, any beverages and desserts as well. All of them are my companion whenever I am sad and not in a good mood. Well, on September 2015, I got sponsored food review at Golden Cafe, Golden Sands Resorts about Viva Italiano Buffet. I brought my hubby along because I got their permission to bring my partner along. Thank you so much for given me the opportunity and also the foods was superb delicious. It is super recommended who love Italiano foods and want to enjoy the sea view too. READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > VIVA ITALIANO BUFFET @ GOLDEN CAFE, GOLDEN SANDS RESORT, PENANG

It is my first time that Zalora willing to collaborate with me. The token of the appreciation is RM 100 cash voucher. I know many of you guys bought items from Zalora before. Some of you might have some problems purchasing online too. Anyhow, it is doesn't happen on me. Those who loves their clothing and bags, you can come and have a look on their website. I love 2 bags from their website but then I better don't buy because my room don't have space anymore. Hahaha. ZALORA WEBSITE and READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > ZALORA BAGS  . 


On 3rd October 2015, I was invited to the grand opening of Automall. I was so excited about it. I met new friend named Frank Yeoh and also I would like to say thank you so much to my dear friend Leona Lim for introduced me to him. Also, each of us got RM 300 cash vouchers for 6 outlets but then I only used 5 vouchers and another one is for hair one. I don't want to do my hair because I just done previous days ago only. Do check it out for more photos and details 

Anyone need kissing lip balm here? Hahaha. Thank you for sponsored 2 flavors of lip balm for me, Founder of CiUM (Shaun Quah). READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > CIUM KISSING LIP BALM REVIEW

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions heard my sadness and complaint of my hair length on October month. They sponsored me their hair extensions and also allow me to choose the hair color and length as well. Thank you so much for sponsored it for me! Those who need hair extensions for your hair, they shipped worldwide! READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > IRRESISTIBLE ME HAIR EXTENSIONS . 

On 11th October 2015, I was invited to this grand opening of Wellness Concept. I think Wellness Concept read my blog how sick and suffer am I. I was introduced with 4 different taste of their drinks. It kinda not nice to drink but then it is healthy for us. No matter how old are you! Well, we must start to take care of us by workout, swimming, drink healthy drinks, eat healthy foods. READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > CELTOXBARLEYGREEN REVIEW . READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > ECOCLEAN MULTIPURPOSE LIQUID REVIEW  . 

Once again, I was invited to review buffet dinner at 59sixty, Komtar Tower, Penang. I brought my hubby along again. Thank you for allowed me to bring my partner along and nice to meet you, Ms Zenith. The foods superb delicious and the desserts as well with buildings view. It was so so romantic place for couples! Those who want to bring their family and friends, they have another place for you too. Don't worry. READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > BUFFET DINNER AT 59SIXTY, PENANG . 


Once again, I was invited for 5 reviews in Resorts World Genting. Thank you so much for the invitation again. I will keep improving myself and my blog too. I am very very appreciate it so much. Once again, I get to review the First World Hotel Annex 2 room. I love their interior design and the structure of the bathroom part. One part is for bathing and brush teeth. One part is for small and big business one. Their cleanliness always the best one. READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > FIRST WORLD HOTEL ANNEX 2 ROOM REVIEW .  

For 2nd review, I didn't know that there are many restaurants in Resorts World Genting and I had great lunch at Bubbles and Bites restaurant. I did saw how to make pasta and pizza with my own eyes and met new friends are Huiying Khaw, E-Wen and Jessie with their partners too. READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > BUBBLES AND BITES RESTAURANT HANDMADE PASTA, PIZZA AND FOODS REVIEW  .

For 3rd review, I got this awesome opportunity to review Halloween theme Snow World with all my new friends and beloved Public Relation Irene and Wei En. We were quite sad that another guy named Eric couldn't join us anyway. We had awesome and great fun in Snow World. READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > HALLOWEEN SNOW WORLD REVIEW  .

For 4th review, I get to eat breakfast at Terminal 2 with all of them. Our breakfast was okay okay. Not bad though. I don't know how to describe about it but then those who love breads, eggs, beans, you can try to have your breakfast at here ----- > BREAKFAST AT TERMINAL 2 REVIEW . 

For 5th review, I get to try all the flavors of Italagelato ice cream in Resorts World Genting. I am so so in love with Yogurt Alla Fragola (Strawberry Yogurt). READ IT FOR MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS ----- > ITALGELATO ICE CREAM REVIEW. 

Lastly, this is the last event invitation I got invited on November 2015. This one was FIP Lounge 1st Anniversary at Rasa Sayang Resort. I brought my hubby along too. Thank you so much for the invitation. I love all the desserts so much especially the macarons ! 


I made my new blog header by asking my friend Sheda to design it for me. I really love it so much. It is very suitable for me too. I know my hair not that long but then I can tie my hair already. I blog about beauty especially lipstick. I am not sure you guys got notice my Instagram or not. I have a lot of lip collections such as lipsticks, lip balms, lip crayon, lip pencil, and etc. After that, I love foods. Without foods, I can't live! I also do love fashion too. I love mix and match but then end up I started to love black, white, red, dark blue, blue only. I love to blog about lifestyle and travel such as I blog about Resorts World Genting. This blog header is means to me a lot ! READ IT IF YOU NEED DESIGNER ----- > SHEDA 

I made into TOP 50 Butterflies December Selfiegram Activity In Collaboration With Althea Korea. I got RM 100 credits into my Althea Korea account. I purchased 4 items but then it is over RM 100. I just paid extra RM 31 only! It is super duper worth! Will review each item soon I guess. Even though I didn't win anything from the contest but then I am still happy with my Christmas present from them. Also, please do check out their website for more products ----- > ALTHEA KOREA . 

Thank you so much to my dear friend Venuss Tan for the invitation. 

I started to get attached with this brand 3Bskin which is owned by someone. I hope I can success in my blogging passion. Thank you for the opportunity so much. READ IT FOR MORE DETAILS ----- > 3BSKIN BRAND AMBASSADOR SEARCH 2016 . 

Thank you for the invitation, Triumph Malaysia . 

Lastly, I did hosted a Christmas giveaway into my blog. I didn't expect so many people will join my giveaway into my blog. Even though it is not over 20 people, but I am still appreciate all of you joined my giveaway. The winner of my Christmas giveaway is Catherine Hon. Those who didn't win, I am gonna give a little gift for each of you and will post it as soon as possible ! 

Thank you for reading :)