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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Last Monday (5/1/2015), I woke up at 10.30am at my hubby's house. I was overnight with him because my daddy went to Genting Highlands with his friends and I don't dare to stay at home alone. What is the reason? I used to stay at home alone by myself until few uncles come and knocked my house door and said wanna find my daddy. I didn't open the door but I straight away ran into my room and locked the door. LOL!!

After that, I took my bath and changed into new clothes. I accompanied my hubby for work and suddenly I on my phone and saw a message from HSBC manager and asked me to go and take medical letter from her for medical check-up. After my hubby done his things, he accompanied me go to HSBC nearby QB and I went up and take the medical letter from her. After that, my hubby fetched me go to the clinic but then that time was 1.30pm and it is closed for lunch. They will open at 2.30pm. So we went to Coffee Affairs and have a sit at there. I ordered Apple Crumble and Iced Cappucino for myself while my hubby just playing his phone. 

Apple Crumble - RM 11.90 

Iced Cappucino - RM 11.90 

Overall, the cake is not bad and quite suitable for me. I love it so much. The environment is good to relax and can sit down with your friends or your loved ones too. Looking forward for CAFE HUNTING with my hubby or my good friend Stephanie!! :) After that, at 2.30pm, we went out from the cafe and I saw the clinic still not open. So, we decided to walk along and finally, I found Acupaday Cafe!! Gonna visit it this weekends!! Anyway, we walked back to the clinic and my hubby waited for me too. Finally, everything went smooth and good!! Then, my hubby went to do his things back and then he fetched me back to HSBC and passed the letter to the HSBC manager back. After that, we went back home. Well, I am looking forward to work soon. I really hope everything such as work, relationship between me and the manager, relationship between me and the new colleagues will be very very good!! I got more events to attend are The Butterfly Project members are coming down to Penang next week and I really hope it is before 17th January and also my sister's wedding ceremony and dinner too! I can't wait to meet them all as my new friends!! Please say hie to me if you recognize me on the date :) 

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Coffee Affairs
Address : 21, Bishop Street, 
Georgetown, Penang
Contact Number : 04-2614060 

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