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Saturday, February 7, 2015


Hello babes and dudes, I just want to share that I have been visited these 2 cafes with my hubby on the last day of January. Finally, I did visited these cafes which I wanted to try it. Thank you to my baby hubby for paid the bill. For your information, I am foods and desserts lover! I can't live without them. How about you? :) 

Anyone love to ride bicycle? 
Love to collect antique bicycles? 
You may gather your friends 
around at this cafe :)
It is Wheeler's Coffee Cafe
 (sorry for the wrong name that edited by me)

Live simply! :) 
Well, once I told my hubby 
that I want to live with simplicity :)

Oreo Crepe Cake - RM 11.90 

Special Bolognese Spaghetti - RM 14.90 
It is not special at all and yet it is expensive for this small portion 

I ordered 2 cups of water and the cups are so cute! 

Sorry for the little photos because I am lazy to upload a lot of photos of Wheeler's Coffee Cafe. You can go and explore the cafe but if you love crepe cake, the cake is delicious! I love it so much! :) 

For more information

Wheeler's Coffee Cafe
Address : No. 67, Love Lane,
 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours : Mon-Sun - 9am until 12am
Contact Number : 04-2613570
Email : wheelerscoffee67@gmail.com

Anyone here born in Monkey year? 
Well, I do born in Monkey year. 
I decided to visit it and 
want to know how special it was. 

Phat Thai - RM 10.80

Fried Chicken Wings - RM 6.90

Iced Cocoa - RM 12.90 

Overall, nothing special about those I have ordered. But I saw few people post about the cheesecake which served in a small bottle. What a unique thing but too bad I don't eat cheese. So, I didn't order. Anyway, that's all. 

For more information

Monkeycup Cafe
Address : 36c, Jalan Chow Thye,
 10050 Georgetown, Penang
Business Hours : Mon-Sun - 9am until 12am 
E-mail : chitchat@monkeycupcafe.com

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