Monday, February 22, 2016


This post is about someone who is my one of important person. She is my leader and my partner in an opportunity and she is also my best friend and sister too. So, that's why I said she played 4 roles to me. So, she is very important to me already. Her name is Joo Peng. 

Today, I had celebrated her 21st birthday in advance on 22/2/2016 as she is moving to KL on 24/2/2016. I bake a small cake together with my 2 friends and I brought it to her house. I think I am quite surprise her also. After that, we both chit chat and take few pictures. Then, around 2.30pm, she took her bath and we went out for our lunch at somewhere. While was chit-chat, we talked about our beloved bro Eugene and suddenly, he came to the place that we ate lunch one. After that, we talked together in a place. Then, we went to Gurney Plaza for Baskin Robbins ice cream only. I treat the ice cream for her too. I am so so happy anyway! Well, I did gave her a birthday card but before she can open the card, she need to do a mission which is SELFIE WITH ME FOR 21 TIMES BEFORE OPEN! SIAW! Isn't crazy?? Hahahahahahaha! It was fun and super duper funny poses! Love you much much, sister! 


Happy 21st birthday in advance, sis! 

Sis, finally I had combined all of our 21 selfies already!
Awesome right?? :) 
Love you much much!! 

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