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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


July month has been good to me as I have received a lot of sponsored products and I am very glad and thankful to my new friend named Mr.Chong who is Grabcar driver. I got him on 30th June 2017 from my house to my friend's house for Raya open house. We were talking a lot of things. He told me that his friend just open hair salon at Macallum only. He said to me that his friend wants to promote the hair salon and asked me how? It is because he asked me that what I am working as? I told him that I am blogger. I did gave him my name card as well. Anyhow, I didn't expect he would give my number to his friend. I feel I am so thankful to him and his friend Mr.Jert Teh for sponsored hair service which is hair color + treatment for me and my dear friend Mable too. 

Their operating hours are 11am - 8pm everyday 

Welcome to Taitan Hair Salon 

Here is their counter to ask for their services and price 

Here is the place you can put your umbrella :)

The hair colors interior design 

Isn't clean? They organize their hair colors items so clean :) 

The seats 

The wash hair place 

I love the way he touched my hair first before explaining more details to me

Mr.Jert is explaining which hair color I should choose

Thank you for your help, Miss Angela 
Photo by Miss Mable and Edited by MissJasJas (Yours Truly)

After done dye my hair and it is time for drying my hair 
Photo by Miss Mable and Edited by MissJasJas (Yours Truly)

My previous hair temporary curl from X hair salon
 (forgotten which hair salon)

Oh well, I didn't dye my hair for 25 years. I have to dye my hair because my hair comes out grey color hair already. I am so sad because of it. Is it I am stress? Yes, it is. I am stress over a lot of things. So, I decided to dye my hair before CNY 2017 at a hair salon. I doesn't want to mention the hair salon name. I only can give hint is at Burmah road one. The color keep fade and yet come out grey color hair again and let me tell you.. Jan 2017 until March 2017 only. I don't want to re-dye back because I was afraid what will happen to my hair, so I waited and keep comb my hair to cover my grey color hair. Also, whenever I take picture, I will try my best to take lower a bit. Isn't difficult right? 

After that, I got this sponsored hair service for my beloved hair. I re-dye my whole hair on 21/7/2017 and I am very glad that Taitan Hair Salon hairstylists named Mr.Jert Teh and Miss Angela was so friendly and giving me good services such as hair knowledges and so on. Thank you so much! 

Omg! I am so in love with the curl that Mr.Jert curl for me 

After done drying my hair, Mr.Jert helped to change my hair style 
From straightening to curl hair - temporary only 
Without lipstick / With lipstick 

Always tell myself that I need love myself first 

Thank you so much to Mr. Jert for the excellent services to me. I really recommend this hair salon to all of you my beloved readers in Penang. Those who know me very well, I am quite fussy about my hair. It is because I had a lot of bad experiences about cutting my hair. When I was young time, I would love to have "bob hairstyle" and yet all the hair salon and hair stylists said can do it. End of the day, they can't do it. I really hate the hair stylists only want to earn money but never care of people hair one. After that, I really pissed off with my hair  touch my shoulder and it will become so messy. I don't like messy and I want it to be straightening one. Well, I still remember that I told 2 different hairstylist (2 different hair salons) that I want my hair DO NOT TOUCH MY SHOULDERS. And yet still don't understand what am I saying. Tell them in Hokkien and English also don't understand. Since all the hairstylists that I have met and don't understand what I want, start from that day onwards, I told myself that NEVER EVER CUT MY HAIR ANYMORE! I don't allow anyone to cut my hair anymore!! Then, this time is about my hair color. As I said that I didn't dye my hair before and my first time is before CNY 2017 and yet the hairstylist some more told me that will last for 1 year. If you were me, pissed off or not? I was pissed off because I really don't know anything about hair color at all until I met up with Mr.Jert Teh. He explained a lot of things to me. After that, I asked him that when I can wash my hair? He said tomorrow night which is 22/7/2017. I said really? I can't believe but he do guarantee me that my hair color still there. Then, I told him that I trust him. Anyway, that's all my feedback to them and Taitan Hair Salon. I am giving them 5/5! Visit them now! 

I just love Black and White. 
Exactly same color with the hair salon interior design 

For more information 
Book your appointment @ 04-2519155
Address : 81A, Lebuh Macallum, George Town, Penang. 
Business Hours : 11am - 8pm (Daily) 


  1. Lovely hair you hv now... Looks like it's a nice saloon.. Great one..

  2. Lovely hair, I guess u can consider permenant perm /curl.it look nice on u.

  3. You got nice hair styling girl! That hairstylist did a good job.

  4. So lucky of you to let the grabcar driver and introduce you to this salon. It seems so professional and love the girl he done for you!

  5. I love love love their interior, so minimal.
    By the way, your hair is so nice, even the curl is so cute!


  6. Wow your hair looks healthier now plus i like the decor too.