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First of all, thank you for visiting www.missjasjas.blogspot.com 

My name is Jasmin. How I created this name "MissJasJas"? I created since I was studying Form 3 in secondary school time. That time my class teacher asked us to create an unique name for yourself to print your name on the T-shirt with all my classmate. After thinking for a week, I decided to put my name "MissJasJas". So, that's how my unique name comes from my mind. 

Why I started this blog? Honestly, I created this blog on 1/3/2014 after I accepted the fact that my mummy had passed away. Secondly, I love to write essay and it is also means that I love writing. Usually I will get an "A" in my Malay language essay and English language essay. Some people will asked me, did you go for tuitions? I will say NO. It is because I hate tuitions. I just don't know why. Thirdly, I love to explore cafes in Penang island, from here, I started writing which cafes I had visit and I wrote into my blog. These are all come from my own penny. Non-sponsored at all. Anyway, everything are not easy. For me, as long as you got passion on the thing you love, you will go ahead. I never expect that I will become a blogger until I met up a friend named Noor Atiqah and she is the one who brought me into a community named The Butterfly Project Malaysia since 11/3/2014 and let me meet up with new friends and brands from KL. I am glad to meet all of you, my dear friends. 

I write about 
1) beauty products review
2) foods review (cafes, restaurants, hotels buffet)
3) fashion (my own OOTD/OOTN or any fashion sponsored products)
4) lifestyle review (something enjoying my day/night/life) 
5) travel review (I love traveling so much) 
6) any reviews which are event invitations and others  

You may check my blog and Instagram categories : 

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